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  1. I just picked up a new Cva optima in 45-70 and would like to know if anyone has any experince with this paticular gun... I would like to reload for it but would like to know if the breach can handle the same magnum loads that the lever actions and other guns in this caliber can? To any one who could help me out it would be greatly appreciated thanks

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  2. You should be fine with up to the lever action +P loads (appx. 30,000 PSI), just stay away from max loads suitable for the Ruger No1 (40,000+) and a few other firearms (Win High Wall, etc.).

  3. Ok thanks a lot I'm new to reloading and this is definitely a gun a kno less about so I appreciate it.
  4. Congradulations on the Rifle.I hope you get many years of enjoyment out of it.I got my N.E.F. .45-70 about 15 years ago.I have used it for deer,bear,wild hog and never had any of them go more than 20 yards after the shot.
  5. What kind of loader are you planing on using.I use a Lee loader because that is the only cartridge I reload and I only have about 100 casings.At any given time only about 50 of them are loaded.
  6. Since I'm not all that familar with the 45-70, I decided to do a bit of research (kinda anal that way!). SAMMI (volunteer US governing body) lists 28,000 psi as max for the 45-70 while CIP (mandatory governing body in the rest of the world) says 31,000 psi so my 30,000 was pretty close. I checked my QuickLoad software and it listed a couple of Accurate powders as being pretty good so I went to the Accurate web site and they list 3 different load ranges: 1) for Springfield Trap Door - 18,000 psi, 2) for "standard" rifles - 28,000 psi and 3) for Ruger 1 & 3 - 40,000 psi.
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  8. Ah.... OK. Now that that's settled :) I would do some research on the pressure issue for that rifle. I have never seen any reloading data for Marlin pressures other than Marlin and the Ruger bolt actions. They all have big time warnings. I sure wouldn't want that coming apart in my hands. I personally got away from copper jacketed Marlin level reloads that can be absolutey brutal shooting off the bench with a 7.5 lb 22" rifle (although very impressive). I switched to trapdoor level cast 405 gr bullets at 1700 fps using Varget (faster, and leading is an issue). Varget has generally much lower pressure for a given bullet speed. The 45-70 is so versitile, going from mild to wild. Kind of like a .357 mag using .38 or .357.
    I've shot 3 bucks the last 3 years with 2 different bullets/loads.
    The first was using the Speer 400 gr at 100 yards. The buck was quartered away from me. I was afraid of a lot of meat damage, so I shot him in the neck, just in front of the shoulder. I looked like an invisible force grabbed him by the head and flipped him over like a wet rag. There was a gapping hole that you could put your thumb through.
    The next was a lung shot with the 400 Speer at 90 yards. I hit a rib, just under the spine. A piece of rib bone flew down and nailed the liver. Again, a hole your thumb would fit in. The buck looked like his legs were cut from under him. straight down.
    Last year, I switched to a 405 gr lead. A 60 yard lung shot took a 1 inch chuck of rib out and exited between ribs on the back side. This buck also looked like his legs were taken out from under him. Straight down.
  9. Another hint about reloading 45-70. The case is tapered, not straight walled. If you run the resizing die too low, it will size too narrow and inserting a bullet will cause the case to buldge off to one side.
  10. Thanks for all the input guys I really apreciate it and yes I am very ecxtited to put some rounds through it and use it for years to come on some big game hunting trips. Lol sorry it toil so long to respond I have been out of town for work. Thanks bbb

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