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    I watched some of the videos out of curiosity LOL boy talk about funny. It's just massive bucks walking around an enclosure obviously. The footage of the guy in this thread is funny the he is like "boy did we work hard for this buck." :lol:

    Another personal favorite was a guy that shoots a huge buck and he's all pie eyed theres a bottle of beer in a can cooler on the shelf in the blind and hes was like boy I am just shaking and puts his hand out to show his shaking hand.

    Then theres and old guy that that has a scope on his rifle the lense of the scope is the size of a coffee can :lol::lol: I am not joking I have never seen anything like it.

    Its cool to see big bucks but not like that they just walk around like cattle waiting to be shot. Theres rarely one buck in the camera shot usually multiple sometimes they trot away with the shot of the rifle sometimes not. They cant really run that fast they are all fat and have massive racks weighing them down. Might as well be hunting for black angus.

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  2. Didn't know they had videos. Just watched a few, great Bucks, but it would be cheaper to just fence in 10 acres, plant, and raise your own big buck........you could probably "hunt" him with hammer when he comes to eat out of your hand....................:lol:

    It's sad these places can even stay in business..

  3. And every ash has a seat.:one_eye:
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    Can be way more than that.

    Gold Hunt $10,000 + trophy fees
    (Mature buck 170" plus)

    Trophy fees for bucks scoring over 180 B&C:

    180 Gross B&C: $2,000
    190 Gross B&C: $5,000
    200 Gross B&C: Determined on individual deer basis


    So a Buck scoring 180 is $12000
    A buck scoring 190 is $15000
    Anything over 200 inches I guess thats whatever they want, so the bigger the more you pay.

    For shooting a deer in a cage :dizzy::dizzy:

    It says in 2009 38 deer were taken that scored over 200 the biggest being 340"
    A 215" average on all gold hunts.

    Even if the hunters if thats what you want to call them I preffer calling them cullers, only payed 15k for the 38 thats over half a million , and you know its wayy more than that. They also have Silver and bronze packages. Its a multi million dollar business. It's really unbelievable.
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  5. I heard that Mitch Rompola said that the hunts there are just like the real thing.

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  6. Dude, I would go on a black angus hunt, I actually like that idea.
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    He did work hard. Probably busted his butt to come up with the money to afford to have monster bucks running like cattle in front of him.:lol::lol::lol:

    I got a video of hunts on the Sanctuary here in Michigan. In every hunt there is like a dozen bucks over 160" running around. To me that would be exciting to see, but not much of an accomplishment as a hunter.

    My buddy went on a free range guided hunt in Kansas a few years ago.
    He told me they know where some particular big bucks have been running and they want you to shoot them. So they drop you off at one location and tell you he is running this particular creek bottom. Then they take another guy to another location. What they would do though is circle way around to make it look like they are driving you to another spot a mile or more away, when they are actually setting up the other hunter about 100 to 150 yards away from where they dropped you off.
    I thought that was pretty slick. My buddy figured this out when the other guy shot a buck and it dropped below his stand.
  8. So I'm interested now. I would guess that most the guys on here tend to think that these hunts are not hunting and wouldn’t do it themselves. So are you guys OK with doing a Tower Shoot for Pheasants or a field hunt on a preserve? What about taking the kids to a trout pond? Seems to be the same thing in theory.

    For the record I'm not sure I would go on one of these hunts myself but mainly cause I'd rather buy a new truck then a buck. :dizzy:
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  9. I guess the way I look at it the tower hunts and farms for pheasants your not shooting a abnormally large buck there birds one size fits all not really any trophy just birds and the trout pond unless its full of world record trout then its just some trout and some good fun. IMO if I am going to catch a world class fish or shoot a b&c or p&y buck I want it to be on my own. Free range hard work and some luck. Not having 3 Dill weeds chasing a buck into a corner so you can shoot it for 15000.
  10. Would i go on one of these hunts? Yes, definitely! Would i pay for it? Hell no!!! :lol:

    I would never pass up a chance to shoot a buck that big, you know if it was for free or relatively cheap.
  11. Not real at all, its a large human in a deer suit. Ive heard there are some 150 pound Bob tails, and house cats running around Northern Lower. I seen a costume shop that had all of those suits for rent, they say business is booming since Animal Planet and the Hopi.

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