40 - 45 pound draw weight bows for hunting

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Huntress, Aug 11, 2001.

  1. I am currently at a 45lb draw weight. I would like to know if anyone else is shooting at this weight and what kind of arrows you use to hunt with? What benefits do you see to using carbons vs. aluminum arrows? Are you getting sufficent penetration with aluminum arrows or have you found that carbon arrows are better?

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  2. I have 2 daughters and one hunts with 35 lbs and the other shoots 44 lbs and they both use 2013 aluminum arrows with 85 grain thunderheads and they get excellent penetration, usually the arrows pass through on broad side shots.

  3. I may be in this draw weight category soon too. :( What are good bows in this range?
  4. Ranbo: Thanks for the information. :) I wish your and your daughters luck in your outdoor adventures.

    Steve: I am using a PSE Nova Vector 4. I think it is a nice bow at a reasonable price. I have been told that Darton makes a nice bow in this range also. The biggest problem I have found in looking for a bow in this weight range is that very few shops carry them. I wish you a speedy recovery so maybe you won't have to change your bow set up.

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  5. My girls and I all shoot the Darton Yokon bow it is a short one cam bow Darton makes it in a short draw and a long draw model and it is very reasonably priced. I shoot it in the winter indoor league and it is a very easy bow to shoot.
  6. Last year by best friend's little both got to deer hunt for the first time ever since he just turned 12. He was only pulling like 35 pounds and he shot a spike... got a complete pass through using Wasp broadheads with an aluminum arrow.
  7. Wait!!!!!
    I thought they had a minimum weight to shoot deer?
  8. Steve,

    The Yukon is a good bow. The Darton trailblazer is basically the same bow but has a cast riser instead of the machined aluminum riser. You get the same performance for less money. Since this will probably be a temporary bow, I figured you might want to know this. Has a high let off too { 80% I believe }. I got a couple friends of mine on the trail blazer because they wanted high performance at a reasonable price. They absolutely love them! Their other friends now want one and then their friends, friends wanted one. Unfortunately they all want me to set their bows up for them { the archery shops around here are not very good }.
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    There is NO minimum draw weight requirement in the state of Michigan for bow hunting. There have been plenty of deer taken with bows in the 30-45 pound range, and with the technology used in bows today they are just the ticket for those of small stature or have a shoulder problem like Steve. Just like any other bow you just have to know your limits. I can remember talking with a young lady that took a very nice record book buck with a 28 pound bow! Good luck.
  10. My son's bow (Darton Cherokee) is set at 45 pounds. I have him set up with 28 inch, 2113 xx75's, and 100gr Thunderheads. This set up will have no problem delivering a pass through on a broadside deer from 20 yards or less. I also felt that he would have done the same when he was younger and shooting 35 pounds, 26 inch 1913 arrows and Thunderhead 85's. Todays bows are so much more efficient than the bows of 20 years ago. Back then I shot a 50 pound Darton SL-50, 2016 xx75's and a 4-blade 140gr wasp. Even with this, all my hits were pass through. I think the key is shot selection. Shoot a straight flying arrow at broadside deer, do not hit the shoulders, and you should be fine. <----<<<
  11. I appreciate everyone's replies on this issue. Your advice has been very helpful. I think I will be going to a carbon arrow for hunting. Please let me know if you have any other advice or opinions that might be helpful.

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  12. Good sharp broadheads.
  13. My uncle routinely kills deer with his 45lb bow. His approach is to pick a tree stand that is only 12 feet high with lots of cover like walls on 3 sides, and right up against a highly used trail. His shots are maybe 15 yards tops and he has no trouble at all getting a pass through.

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