300 wtby mag ?

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  1. I've been using Reminton Core-Lokt express 180 grain ammo which grouped well. I thought Rem had discontinued it untill I looked at Cabela's Great Outdoor Days mailer. I was happy with 3 dead deer in Sask. , but was not exactly happy with the weight retention, or finding the jacket of the bullet falling to pieces upon skinning the deer. All 3 shots on 150 class and higher deer were from 70, 40, and 111 yards. Before we start the "it killed it dead didn't it" or the "who cares if you didn't get a pass thru" argument, I'd like to ask what factory ammo/bullet has proven best for you? I do not reload ammo. Horndady, Wetherby ammo, etc.


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  2. I load Nosler partitions, ballistic tips and Barnes Triple-Shocks for my guns depending on cartridge and what the gun likes. I like violent expansion and use the ballistic tips the most, (their also a lot cheaper) but the majority of my hunting is with non magnums. It doesn't sound like you're going to want the ballistic tips, but Federal loads both of the others in their premium line, last that I new. Especially with the Triple-Shocks I would even drop down to 165's and you'll still have no problem with penetration using either.

  3. I shoot a 338 win mag which is very close in shell size to your 300 wby mag. I shoot federal premiums 210 gr nosler partition and have been very happy with them.
  4. I shoot 165 Barnes TSX out of my 300 wby...can't speak intelligently about weight retention as I have yet to recover a bullet, it does make some very impressive holes though.
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  5. At that velocity I would use a tougher bullet like a partition.....I believe federal has that load in factory ammo.
  6. I shot a 8 pt @ 130 yards using Hornadys 180 grain spire point factory load, Hit behind the shoulder & passed through leaving a blood trail that a blind man could follow but the buck made it over 100 yards through the tickest nasty cedar swamp before expiring. I was not impressed after thinking a 300 WM would leave a deer DRT (dead right there). Getting ready to load up some 150 grain Partitions & give them a try.
  7. Wrong tool for the job using a 300 weatherby at close range, and dropping a deer quickly is more about shot placement than caliber.
  8. :yeahthat: Yep.
    IIRC- that 165 gr load is pushing 3400 fps at the muzzle. You are going to need a solid (Barnes X or TSX) or a bonded core (Nosler Accubond, etc.) or you will experience core/jacket seperation because of the extreme velocity that bullet is still carrying at impact (ie. shots inside 150-200 yds).

    As far as any caliber being a DRT gun - doesn't exist. The only, repeating ONLY way to make a deer (or moose, or elk, or elephant) DRT is to disrupt the nervous system. That means either a brain shot (not advisable) a neck shot (again, not a fan) or breaking the spine where it runs between the shoulders (and usually fragging the heart/lungs with bone/shrapnel).
    I've dropped a bunch of deer in their tracks with a .223, a cannon isn't gonna flatten 'em any faster if you can't place your shots.
  9. ^^^^^ Grandpa always said Hit them high watch them die, Hit them low watch them go. My 270 & 130 Ballistic Tips left 2 bucks & 1 doe in pile @ the shot while the 150 Corelokts needed tracking.

    300 WM is way overkill for anything here in michigan imho.
  10. To quote an oft repeated but somewhat sarcastic ol' time deer hunter quote: At what point in your quarry's death were you dis-satisfied? Sorry you don't want to hear about this sort of thing but it is after all a public forum. You killed three deer on a trip or two or three to Saskatchewan - a trip that many on this forum can only dream of - but you would be happier with what??? Be content with what you have, don't try and super micro-manage your hunting experiences to the nth. degree in pursuit of a perfect kill or a perfect hunt - I guarantee in the end you'll come out a loser. It's really not about the rifle or the scope or the "load" that in the end will give meaning to your hunt but rather the experience - in the full meaning of the term and something you don't even hint at in your post. Did you have a good time? How was the weather? What was the cover like etc.etc. ? I suspect that I'm blowing in the wind about this and you'll be somewhat indignant with my reply but when you've got decades and decades and decades of hunting under your belt you'll begin to know what I'm talking about.

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  11. Not always. I know people that have hunted for decades and all they care about is "kill, kill, kill". They don't appreciate the hunt part of it. I don't hunt with them anymore...
  12. I also use this same set up and have had the same results(.270/130 gr cor lokts). Never had an exit hole or tracked more than 30 yards. most of the deer shot literally jumped straight up and piled up right there. with a bullet that expends all its energy into the animal and not in the ground will keep them insight of your blind with any shot in the vitals. Try shooting a lighter bullet that expands rapidly.

  13. Then it sounds like you need to use a Barnes style or at least a bonded bullet.

    I have killed deer with the 180gr Corelokts and 165gr Hornady Spirepoints with my 300 Wby.

    Both worked well. If I took it hunting tomorrow I'd sight in with the Corelokts. If I had time, I'd load up some Accubonds, as I think they would offer the best of both worlds on a cartridge like the 300.
  14. Pass thru? I'd prefer it to stop on the offside skin and release all it's energy.

    I have an HS Precision 300 Wthby and for pure killing everything that walks the planet, Barnes X. For long range whitetail or smaller, Nosler BST, for everything in between Nosler Partition. Have not tried the Barnes Triple Shock or the Tipped TSX. I had problems getting regular X bullets to group, hence I don't use them where shots might be over 200yds. Inside 200yds I take the X on pay to play trips since you never know what shot you may have to take.
  15. I have been shooting ballistic tips with my 300 wby for the last six years or so and really like them. They do "blow up" but the deer never go far, which matters on small parcels of private land. When I did shoot factory loads, I shot weatherby ammo but not sure of bullet. Very good ammo but pricey. If you havent yet, put a sims butt pad on that gun. It makes it a lot more fun to shoot. I have been using mine for almost 20 years on whitetail and love it. As for the "experts" stating what everyone else should shoot, shoot what you want and most important, what you have confidence in.

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