3 Pound Goldfish

Discussion in 'Icefishing Lk. St. Clair' started by Perch Eater, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Did you guys see on the channel 4 news that a guy on lake st clair caught a 15in 3 pound gold fish.I guess he caught it last Friday dont know were but on lake st clair.He had it in his freezer it looked like a gold football pretty funny just thought id share.:yikes:

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  2. i have seen them in Fords cove and have caught them at yates cider mill in the spring

  3. That's our friend Perchy87 if y'all remember him

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  4. You say that like its a bad thing?
  5. Thats pretty awesome haha
  6. Ive shot at a few at the GLBC but yet to connect. They have a cash prize for biggest gold fish too.
  7. They are every were. My son caught one out to the Holloway Dam, a couple of years ago. Not as big as 15 inches, but still nice size.
  8. Nope Mike's a cool kid who loves to fish, I met him on the SCR a few times.....

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  9. Grass you bowfish? Always wanted to try it.

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  10. Heck yeah man!!! U gota try it.

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