.25 acp conversion kit

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by symen696, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. I am just wondering if anyone has or has used one of these .25 acp conversion kits. Thinking about switching my Omega to this primer instead of a 209. Just wondering if its worth the time let alone the money.

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  2. I use the Variflame kit with CCI small rifle primers. Cheaper than the .25 ACP mod and you do not have to machine your breech plug. Having said that I have an extra breech plug for the Encore and have always wanted to try the .25 ACP method.

    I found I got a big reduction in fouling vs. the 209 primers, even the Remington Kleenbores which were better than Fed 209As. Not a big deal except for range sessions where I shoot many shots and clean between rounds.

    Cableas has the Variflame kit, do not know where else to find in MI.

  3. I tried the Precision Rifle 25ACP and quickly switched back to the 209 system. The breech plug has a deep recess which is hard to completely keep clean absent of removing it completely. I had a no fire at a time when it counted the most, I now use the Triple Seven primers with no problems with crude ring.
  4. I used the .25 acp conversion in my Encore and have since switched back to using the original 209 breech plug. I found no great advantage to the .25 acp method.
  5. I switched 2 yrs ago to the .25 cal acp conversion and would never go back. It took a 1.5 group at 100 yards with my omega and 250 shockwaves and put those rounds inside each other. Now that 1.5 group is at 150 yards. It grouped the same with both the regular 777 and the magnum 777.
  6. I have the conversion in my Encore, and I wouldn't go back.
    The 209 fouled my receiver badly, and I have no fouling at all with the conversion.

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