2010 GDHA/WFUSA Youth Hunt

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  1. The hunt was a great success again this year; the two clubs worked together to put on a great event for the Young Hunters and I am personally proud to be a part of this collaborative effort to put on a first class event.

    53 young hunters were treated to a day in the marsh and a BBQ/Equipment Giveaway after their hunts.

    I guided in a group with Riv, Rem and Bob. Our five shooters went through roughly 6 to 7 boxes of shells to bag 5 ducks and 1 goose. What a riot to watch the whole hunt unravel.

    This event is only successful each and every year because of the guys/gals who give their time to help guide the hunters and arrange the BBQ.

    In no certain order I wish to Thank:

    Mark Whitcomb- sorry about that early call buddy.
    Crushed Can
    Jamie Sypula
    Joe Robison- I appreciate all of your help bro
    Techy & His Lady
    All 3 of the Fowlmen
    Branta- "the Tool Master"
    Jay Steinert- thanks for running over there on a moments notice
    Bill Maue
    Curtis Garant
    Jake Szych
    Divers Down
    Raisin Rat- did you play that fight song on the call today?
    Greg Norwood of the USFWS
    Dick Whitwam
    Bob Whitwam
    Danny Knierem
    Hunter Polling
    Chuck Polling
    I am sure there are others that I forgot as well.

    We also could not hold this event without the generous donations that we received from the following:

    RNT Calls
    Zink Calls
    Tony Pacos
    Pemmican Beef Jerky
    Hevi Shot
    Call Coozy
    Pointe Mouillee Waterfowlers
    Big Flock Decoys
    NWTF Huron Valley Chapter
    Dundee Pheasant Farm
    River Wolf Hunts
    National Coney Island

    I probably forgot someone and I am sorry about that, but please know that your efforts are appreciated by the GDHA and WFUSA and all of the young hunters.

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  2. We had a great time again this year. Lunch was excellent (I need that bean recipe) and the amount of equipment given away was hard to believe. To top it off, the boy took his first of 2 drake mallards.:D
    Big thanks to Matt and GDHA & WFUSA for hosting this great event.



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  3. Your youth hunt is always a great event.
  4. Great Job Matt!@ I'm glad to be part of it! The three kids I took ended up shooting 11 ducks and shot a lot of shells! Great times were had by all!
  5. The whole Gibraltar Crew and WUSA did a great job at this event and they should all be commended.

    But it wouldn't be right, if we didn't single you out for Major Kudos!! lots of logistics to work through with that many hunters, guides and volunteers, then on top of all that... to ensure that every kid got decoys and even more free gear?!! WOW!!
    nice job!

    BTW: I only needed a size large tee... been working out! :rolleyes: :p
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  6. Branta,

    You better look in the mirror! You must be in that comfort zone!
  7. Great job again this year Matt! (and everybody else that helped out), for my oldest son it was his last year and I have to say that he is really going to miss it, he looks forward to it ALL YEAR. For my other son it was his first of hopefully many more good years to come.
  8. Thanks, but without everyone elses help I would not be able to accomplish anything.

    The whole day works well for us because of everyone involved and what matters most is that the young hunters have fun, learn a bit and go home happy with some great memories of the day. In that regard we succeed every year!
  9. Stop it.

    What you needed were some large earplugs to deaden the sounds of the tool.
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  10. hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:

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