201 Pound palmated rack 10 Point!

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  1. Saturday I decide to hunt my favorite rut stand due to local reports of chasing, but have reservations as the winds are 15 miles per hour and swirling. Upon entering the woods and arriving at my ladder at 4pm a buck bedded buck stands up 25 yards away in a thicket and runs away, but stops and grunts at me. I quickly enter my stand and hit the grunt a few times. A few minutes pass and then I hear grunts coming from behind me (the opposite of the bedded deer) and a large bodied spike makes his way into my clearing checking our who’s been grunting. He stays for 5 minutes then wanders off. It was quiet until 5 when a large group of does was being chased by something 100 yards behind me across our pond.

    At this point I have been sitting absolutely still for over an hour waiting because I just know something can appear at any moment with the amount of deer movement that I have seen. At 5:20 a doe appears in the clearing in front of my stand and I immediately hear grunting from the thick brush behind her. All I see is antler, but he circles the clearing in the thick brush not giving me a good view of his size or a shot. He then comes out of the brush onto my trail broadside at 5 yards! I shoot hitting him through the lungs and he runs about 25 yards and stops quartering away from me. I see that his breathing is labored and quickly get another arrow and shoot again hitting him low behind the shoulder, he then walks off slowly.

    After getting out of my stand 30 minutes later I cannot find the first arrow but find the second with a lot of blood. I follow the trail to the edge of a field that is behind my parents’ house where I meet my father and he proclaims he just saw a monster 10 point just walk through the field. As I tell him he has 2 arrows in him we both decide not to push him from the distance he traveled and did not go down yet. It was the longest night of my life, but at light Sunday morning I found the blood trail somehow after the winds shuffled the leaves around all night. He traveled 600 yards after being shot twice. It took 5 of us to retrieve him. The processer weighed him at 201 pounds dressed. It is a very unique palmated rack with the special front 5 inch kicker tine off the front of his rack. Definitely the coolest rack I have seen in person and it came from Cass County, Michigan!

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  2. Wow! Great deer and a great story! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great story- The Hunt of a life time
  4. awesome story and great buck, that thing is an absolute stud!!
  5. Congrats! What a story and what a buck, awesome!
  6. congrates thats a horse of a deer!
  7. Nice buck, congratulations.
  8. holy wa great story and great deer
  9. Hes a hog for sure, nice deer. Awesome rack, congrats.
  10. What an AMAZING deer! Unbelievable mass!

    Way to stick with it and recover the deer of a lifetime!


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