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  1. In my opinion, Rage heads are fantastic. The fly more accurately than a fixed head (a fact one cannot even begin to argue), and they provide plenty of "kill" for whitetail sized animals (I can't comment on larger game, because reduced penetration is a possibility with such a large cutting diameter, especially at distance).

    These threads always are riddled with posts about "I shot a deer in the shoulder with a mechanical and lost it...blah, blah blah." News flash, NO BROADHEAD, fixed or mechanical, will penetrate past the shoulder socket. A lost deer from a shoulder hit was not lost because of the broadhead, it was lost because of a poor shot. Own up. Don't make an excuse and blame it on equipment. It happens to everyone.

    I challange anyone that has blown through a shoulder socket or humerus (the BIG bone that runs from the shoulder socket to the elbow) and recovered a deer with an arrow to post pics. I'm guessing there won't be any takers. If I'm proven wrong, I will give credit where credit is due, and that is to the broadhead, not the hunter that made the poor shot.

    Now anyone that says rage heads will not penetrate ribs or other flimsy bone are talking out of their rear-ends. Shooting Rage heads and 62 lbs out of my hunting setup, I have had complete pass-throughs on no less than 6 whitetails over the past 3 years. I have only had 1 non pass-through, and that was the result of the arrow burying in the opposite shoulder socket. No biggie, the deer perished in sight.

    Here is a little proof that mechanicals can be pushed through bones:

    I made a shot on a 2.5 year old buck several years ago and hit him a little far forward. Had I been another inch or two forward, I would not have recovered this deer regardless of which broadhead I pummeled into his shoulder socket.

    I did clip the scapula however, and the broadhead blew through it and completely passed out the other side of the animal.


    Here is the typical wound channels I get with 2 blade Rage heads:


    Hide on exit:

    Hide off exit:

    Arrow path:

    (Notice the broadhead blew through the ribs?)

    Now I'm no Rage spokesperson, but I can attest to the fact that they work just fine and dandy with good shot placement. I can also attest that ANY OTHER BROADHEAD in the World will also work with good shot placement. Moral is, shoot what flys best out of your setup, and what you are the most confident with, because confidence kills.

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  2. As for your statement highlighted in red....If you believe that is true you still have ALOT to learn.

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  3. Not saying your a rookie but your information about a fixed head not as accurate as a mech head is not even close to true.
  4. It's a well known fact that mechanical heads are easier to tune than fixed blade heads, and I believe that is what FF is getting to with his statement. Yes, fixed heads CAN be as accurate as mech heads, but usually with more tuning work involved. Also, mech heads are not affected by crosswinds nearly as much as a head with exposed blades....it's common sense.

    Now.....back to the topic.
  5. Lol what?

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  6. have you tried to find a non 50/50 review on any broadhead?? Your really not going to find better numbers! FF was spot on with his post. A bad shot is a bad shot shot own up to it. Its like when you watch an NHLer look at his stick blade when he misses a give me shot. Sorry man its not the stick( or BH) you just made a bad shot. For the last seven yrs Ive shot G5 montecs, rage 2,3 blades, steel force phatheads, G5 T3s, and Muzzy MX3. killed animals with all of these heads. This year im going back to shooting rage 2 blades. Simply becuase when I am at full draw I dont want to doubt my equipment! I am though shooting 125s this year becuse I shoot lighter shafts from shooting fixed blades. And to the shoulder bone shooters, do you really think you are going to have an easy time pushing a head with a 2 in cutting diameter through one of these??
  7. I shot Rage 2 blades for the past two years and now I'm going back to Slick Tricks. The rages preformed just fine. I killed 4 deer in 2 years with them but for me it's the "what if" factor. During the early doe season I did a practice draw back just to make sure everything was ok. Upon drawing back I realized the rage blades were not locked into position. I assume it was my fault that the blades opened but I can't stand the thought of me having a buck in front of me only to realize my blades aren't locked into place. As for me I want make sure I have done everything possible to make sure something doesn't go wrong because at some point it will.
  8. Bad shots happen but I don't think its the broadhead's fault when you loose a deer to poor shot placement. Give me any broadhead and make a less than perfect shot and there is always a chance of having an issue. Saying you rearely make a perfect shot has to be a stretch. Anything in the heart/lungss is perfect and it's not that small of a target.

    I have killed deer with muzzy, wasp, carbon express, and rage. The end result with a "perfect" shot at a broadside deer was a dead deer.
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  9. me and the boy are 4-4 using the rage 2 blade and an excellant blood trail everytime, on 1 blood trail we even found where it cut off the bottom 2 inchs of one of the lungs and left it on the blood trail, i have had no problems as long as you follow the directions.
  10. I have only killed one deer with the rage 2 blades. If you shoot them in the spine these broad heads work great!

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  11. I just started using them last year. They worked well. Like mentioned shot placement is more critical than anything. A good shot makes a good broadhead IMHO. I think many are quick to blame their poor shooting on a the equipment when many times the fault lies in the mirror. I also get a kick out of how much detail people can know about a shot, blades opened in flight, didn't open at all, etc... I guess my eyes aren't good enough to see all that at high speeds.:lol:

    Best of luck to you this season.
  12. I started bowhunting at 11yrs old. Started out with muzzy's and never switched until 2yrs ago when I decided to give rage a shot. Of all the deer that I shot with my muzzy's, I had never lost one. When I made the switch to rage I lost 3 consecutive deer. The first one was a perfect broadside shot but it started to down-poor and the bloodtrail was washed away. The second deer was about 6-7yds away and I was in a treestand. My arrow hit it's mark and upon impact the arrow came to an immediate stop with a loud crack. Mind you this was right behind the shoulder and just below the spine at a high angle. As the deer ran off you could see my arrow lodged into the hide of the deer. The 3rd deer was possibly my biggest buck I've ever shot. He gave me a perfect broadside shot at 30yds and I clipped the back portion of the shoulder blade. When he wheeled around you could see all but about 2in of my arrow sticking out. These were all with a bowtech, 30in draw, 70lb draw weight, 297fps.

    Now I know that I don't have any pictures to back it up so I'm sure you will be quick to call me a liar but I took a doe about 4yrs back with a muzzy and blew through both front shoulders out of a groundblind.
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  13. Shot placement is important!
  14. yes to this

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