2 3/4 vs 3 inch slugs????????

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by MuskyDan, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. thoughts???

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  2. I shoot the remington corelokt ultra 385 grainers out of my 1100, I can only shoot 2-3/4" but if i had the option I think i'd stick with it.

  3. IMHO:

    Friends and I, all serious shooters, have tried many brands and tend to agree:

    No need for 3" or high velocity 2 3/4" slugs for 'normal' 100 yards shots.
    Heavier/faster slugs not needed and will beat the crap out of you and your scope.

    My accurized 870 cloverleafs at 100 Meters [109 yards] with Remington Copper Solid 2 3/4", these are 1 Oz at 1450 fps. Sight in 2.5" to 3" high at 50 and be close to dead on at 100, still good for center mass shots at 125.

    Unless you REALLY need a 150 yard slug gun then you just do not need 1700 fps or more.

    Having said that try different brands and use what shoots best in your gun.
  4. The 2 3/4 kick pretty good. The 3's will bite. I won't shoot them anymore. My standard slug gun shot is 50-60 yards so the 2 3/4 work fine.
  5. I use Federal 2 3/4" 1 ounce Barnes Expander's. I tried the 3" slugs of various brands and bullet types and the 2 3/4" were always more accurate for some reason out of my Browning A-Bolt shotgun. I wouldn't worry about the recoil - you won't even notice it when you pull the trigger on a nice deer. However, you WILL notice the price of the slug 5 packs. Bought some spares today from Gander Mountain and the Federals mentioned above were $14.99 - equates to $3 a shell!!!!! Matter of fact - everything seemed real expensive today but worth every penney. Good Luck!
  6. 2 3/4 all the way. I tried 3" both did just as well. I did notice after sighting the gun in with 3" I was jerking the trigger/ flinching or just making bad shots.
    Stick with the 2 3/4 they never let me down.
  7. Only advantage a 3" slug will give you is on paper really. With todays 2 3/4" slugs you can still get sabot loads that are rated at 1900 fps (2000 with the Hornady's and a lighter slug) ((Oh, don't expect to see those rated velocities in every gun though....)) so the 3"ers are really unneccesay. Same goes for the newer 20 gauges as well. The one and only reason I'd ever use 3" slugs was if it were the best shooting slug load in my gun, but that would be a rare case. Course, some people like to brag about the fact they use 3" slugs, why I don't know, the deer sure won't care!
  8. I have shot many brands of slugs and have yet to find a 3" that shoots better than the 2 3/4". Just extra recoil for no real advantage. I have heard that the new Lightfields ( orange box, 3") shoot very well. Have not tried them as yet.
  9. 3" slugs just pound the heck out of you and that's about it.
  10. Man I'm glad to hear all this. I thought I was shotgun sensitive ( a sissy) I hunted for years with my 2 3/4 in my swamp. I love it. one year with 3" and I went back to my 35 cal rifle . All because of kick. I'll stick with my little swamp tack driver but miss my Shotgun.
  11. I have tried several brands and styles.

    Out of my Remington 11-87 with rifled choke tube, I get very good accuracy with Brenneke Golds for rifled barrels, a 3" load. Consistently putting 5 shots in a 2" circle at 100 yds. I have shot lots of 2 3/4 " loads but none compared out of my gun to the Brenneke golds.

    Just try a bunch of brands and don't let 3" or 2 3/4" be your only factor.
    On the other hand, my shoulder would appreciate the 2 3/4" loads a lot more.:lol: But that is really only true off the bench. In the field I have yet to notice the heavier recoil of the 3" loads.
  12. These are great slugs but in very short supply, Does anyone know where I can buy any more of these, everyone is out, doesn't carry them, or never heard of them, You can buy online from Lightfield but the shipping charges are going to kill you as they are almost as much as the slugs themselves.

  13. I still have a smooth bore slug gun as I get all my deer with a bow :)

    I tried the 3 inch loads and they tumbled out of my gun so I gave them away.
  14. Am I the only one who ever thought that 3" shells would be more accurate in a 3" chamber? I mean, I don't set my bullets back 1/4" when I reload for rifle shells so why wouldn't the longer shell with the slug closer to the lands be more accurate? Anyway, after several boxes of 3" and 2 3/4" I proved to myself that there was no noticable accuracy gain with the 3" shells I tried in my guns. I'm sure that the trasition over all the plastic in the crimp makes the slightly longer trip to the lands a mute point anyway and makes it an invalid comparision to a conventional rifle scenerio.

    Another thing, a lot of the 3" shells out there just have an extra 1/4" of fiber wad and nothing else is different. Dave Henderson chrono'd several 3" shells from different makers in his book "Shotgunning for Deer" and found that they didn't live up to the velocity claims on the box. There's a whole section about the subject in the book. Looks like Lightfield has this in mind with their marketing of the new 3" shells.
  15. Marketing has nothing to do with the new Hybred Elite 3". What it has to do with is this load is replacing their older Commander IDS 3" (red box)which has been discontinued due to some lots of these that got out to hunters(like me) last year and had lot to lot consistency problems having to do mostly with the 1 1/16oz slug which has been replaced with a 1 1/4 oz slug in the new Elite.


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