1996 Polaris Sportsman 4x4 quad AWD 400

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  1. 1996 Polaris Sportsman 400 4x4 four wheeler, true Polaris AWD, 2-stroke 400cc engine, automatic drive (no gears), Hi/Lo foward & reverse, push button FWD.
    Needs starter or battery (not sure which yet). I just start it with the back-up pull start and it runs good. Fast for a utility quad. Four wheel drive works great. Well maintained. Brother covered the plastic with camo tape years ago and it has faded some. It is a work horse but will go through anything. - See More Here: http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=19230

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  2. Where you located? Is it really a 2 stroke or 4?

  3. Hoping to take some pics of it tonight. Yes, it is a 2-stroke. That's why it's fast! :D It is an oil-injected 2-stroke though. You don't have to pre-mix anything.
  4. Did you find out if it needs a batt. or starter?
  5. Oh crap... I forgot. Spent the evening in the barn last night too and I remembered to get the pics (which I will post soon) but forgot to check that. I will definitely check that by tomorrow.
  6. Looks like a nice 4 wheeler. Where is it located at?
  7. Lots of guys asking....

    The quad is located in Monroe, MI about 12 miles East of Cabela's just about a mile off of M-50.
  8. Ok... here's the latest.

    I tried jumping the battery and even bypassing it and the starter still wouldn't turn over. So, I tore it all down to get to the starter. I took it off and it was obvious that it was a starter problem. I then tore the starter itself apart and basically rebuilt it. It was somewhat wet in it and I'm thinking that's why it was shorting out. So, I replaced the bushings, cleaned the stator real well, sanded down and cleaned the magnets, thoroughly dried the whole thing, cleaned all other areas and connections and lubed up the bearings and brass bushings. Put it all back together and sealed up all gasket areas real well to prevent future wetting. While I was working on it, I greased up all zerts, checked all hub and diff fluids, cleaned air box and filters, and thoroughly oiled the chains. The battery wouldn't hold enough charge to kick over the engine but with the charger only on a trickle charge, the starter kicked over great and the quad fired right up.

    So, knowing that the starter is good and it could possibly use a new battery, I am very firm on the price. If I throw a new battery in it, I will then up the price to pay for that and a little for my time working on it for a good 6 hours.

    Also, I realized that my pic shows the winch on the front of it. This does not go with the quad. I took it off now and it will be negotiated in the sale of the snow plow, if I decide to sell it.
  9. Ok guys... wanted to give my fellow sportsmen first opportunity on this utility quad. Haven't sold it yet and therefore, it will go up on Craigslist in a couple days, probably at $1,800. So, let me know if any of you are really interested in it and just trying to find the time to come take a look at it.
  10. PM sent. Very interested.

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