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  1. Walleye sure like fishing
    Walleye sure like fishing SVbowhunter80
    Hey there. You guys talking about bass rec on the river ? Beer allendale? I've always wondered about walleye out there. And panfish for that matter. Have you done decent out there?
  2. Kwill1981
    Loving life about a week from a yote hunt
  3. fishslayer10
    fishslayer10 Blackhawk294
    Hi i was looking at some of the old darkhouse posts and i keep seeing these amazing spears and everytime your involved in the conversation so i was wondering if you are the man making them?if i am not mistaking you are holding one in your profile pic
  4. TheDrew
  5. kenn
    kenn ddiment2
    First timer to Huron. Going down in the morning. Any info back would be great. (734) 748-9382
  6. kenn
    kenn Broadcast
    Morning, Did you go? And how did you do? First timer myself going to Huron, Thursday morning. Just looking for info.
    1. Broadcast
      We did. Was ice all the way out. Hard to troll. Only caught one. Good luck.
      Jan 19, 2017 at 5:44 AM
  7. walleyeatsag
    walleyeatsag fishmaster1
    i will have the lures to you on thursday! i thought today was Wednesday! i been in the basement making lures too long! LOL
  8. kenn
    kenn HookedUp
    Do you know if there is a dock in at Catawba?
  9. 2PawsRiver
    2PawsRiver THE BAIT SHOP GUY
    We are up ice fishing near Gwinn this you think it would be worth driving down to fish Little Bay De Noc?
  10. jacktownhooker
    I go bananas for walleye!!
  11. Hobbs
  12. Sr.Blood
    Sr.Blood WALLEYE HOG
    Hi just seen your post o Geiger rd. Wow way to go. I was there last Mn. and all i seen was pike and burbot straight out. I am headed that way tomorrow, can i ask where abouts you were? Anything would help, hanks.
  13. ttop23
    ttop23 Scottygvsu
    A group of us with teenage boys are coming up to Sturgeon spear this year, can you give me any info on what else we can fish or spear for after Sturgeon is over?? We usually pike spear the Saginaw Bay & perch/walleye fish. We are staying in a cabin on the water north of the state campground. We are renting shantys but bringing portables and snowmobile/atv's.
    Thanks for any info!
    1. Scottygvsu
      If you're staying north of Black Lake State Park, you can catch some walleye in front of the Rainy River. If you go to the north end of the lake, where the shivaree is, there is spearing and walleye fishing to be done up there. If you have a lake map, just fish the drop-offs. Who are you renting from?
      Jan 17, 2017 at 3:40 PM
  14. Papa Liver
    Papa Liver milty87
    Hey man could you tell if there's anywhere near lakeville I can get minnows? Thanks
  15. compli123
    compli123 NEW HUDSON WALT
    Hey Walt, we were out across from the willow/second point and did pretty good. Troutsniffa and Steve weren't too far east of us, I think.
      Thanks for the update,will be out in the morning.
      Jan 14, 2017 at 6:00 PM