• Hunter Karen Kuch by The Bay City Times
    Grandmas are some of the greatest people you will ever have in your life. Many of us have sweet memories of growing up with our grandmothers. They spoiled us rotten and hooked us up with all the good stuff our parents may have prohibited and they got away with it because, well, how can you be mad at someone as wholesome and kind as a grandma? Though the image most of us get of a grandmother may involve knitting, baked goods, and watching soap operas or ‘stories’, not all grandmas are [...]
  • Deer Photo by Wide Open Spaces
    This weekend has marked the beginning of the deer season excitement in Michigan. Though there are many other portions of deer season yet to open, things got underway on the 19th with two separate deer season events. With the first deer season weekend behind us, there is plenty more to come, making enthusiasm at getting into the field contagious throughout the state. The first of the two season opening evenings that took place this weekend was the early antlerless hunt on private land which ran [...]
  • Ruffed Grouse by Out of Doors Mag
    Beginning on the 15th of September, small game hunters in Michigan will have the opportunity to get very busy. On that particular day, several different hunting seasons will be opening and offering a little something for everyone. If small game suits your fancy, the time has come for you to get out in the field in pursuit of these animals with four different seasons opening in the coming days. First up on our list and opening on September the 15th is squirrel season which will run through March [...]
  • Elk by Yellowstone Park
    It is that time of year in Michigan where hunting seasons for various species are getting underway in Michigan. Next up in the rotation are bear and elk season, both of which will be opening in the coming weeks. If you intend to hunt for these animals, be sure to get your preparations underway now so you will be ready when the time comes. Although there was an earlier elk season back in August for Hunt Period 1 which ran from August 25th through August 28th, the next round is coming around very [...]
  • Canada Geese by G. Sanders
    Small game season in Michigan will be opening in the next couple of days and what will you be hunting? Though the seasons are somewhat staggered by species, within the next few weeks there will be many opportunities to hunt the small game of your choice. If you have any last minute preparations to make, now is the time to get those out of the way so you can take full advantage of the upcoming season. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has released a forecast describing what is to be [...]
  • Turkey by Gazette Mail
    Fall turkey season in Michigan is fast approaching. Soon we will be setting out in hopes of bringing home a gobbler to enjoy at Thanksgiving or even sooner. In order to give yourself the best chance of scoring such a bird, you want to hone your skills ahead of time. With fall turkey season opening on September 15th, there is no time like right now to knock the dust off your turkey repertoire. Since the sounds turkeys make can give you a lot of information, be sure to listen carefully. For [...]