• Ice fishing season is finally here.  First ice is a great time to get after the bluegills. Bluegills won't necessarily hang out by structure under the ice like they do in the summer. Many times they will be found suspended over the deeper parts of a lake in the winter. Marine electronics is a great way not only to locate the fish,  but also to see what depth they are suspended and target them. Start by fishing 6-12" above the fish and moving down through the pod that you have located. Vary [...]
  • Jeff has been a frequent poster here in our habitat forums for many years. He is also an expert at scouting, targeting, and harvesting mature bucks and does so almost every year. This year's target was a buck named "Diego".  After having to pass on Diego earlier in the season, Jeff picks his spot to go after him on a "high percentage sit" during a cold front. After a long search, the story ends on a high note [...]
  • This story comes to us courtesy of Just Hunt at OhioSportsman.com.   Each year, the second weekend in October, I hang White Pine branches in three strategic locations on my property. You guessed it… locations based on wind direction. These locations are on a prime travel corridor in riparian habitat which forms a natural pinch point between two somewhat parallel ridges. Generally by Halloween, these pine licking branches have become tremendous deer magnets as well as community scraping [...]
  • With the regular archery season opener landing on a Saturday, and decent weather predicted, Michigan archers will have a great opportunity to hit the woods.  Please read the 2016 Michigan hunting guide for rule changes. There are several new advisories for those hunting in the CWD area in central lower [...]
  • The last Saturday in April is the traditional Michigan trout opener.  This year opening weekend transitions into May.  This should provide some great opportunities for those who like to cast a fly with some hatches in hopefully some warmer weather. Rivers and streams with big names like the AuSable or the Manistee will see predictably high traffic but anglers can be more successful seeking more secluded waters.  Many will get up hours before dawn to stake out their special spot which has [...]
  • Free Fishing Weekend, Bluegill by YouTube PeelinDrag
    Coming soon to a body of water near you is the first Free Fishing Weekend to be held in Michigan during the year 2016. Fishing is a sport that is enjoyed by many throughout Michigan and the rest of the United States. In Michigan in particular, access can be had to 3,000+ miles of Great Lakes shoreline as well as more than 11,000 inland lakes along with and rivers and streams to the tune of tens of thousands of miles. With access to so much aquatic real estate, it makes good sense to go fishing, [...]