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Safety Against Accidents While Hunting

No one wants to have an accident on a hunting expedition. Since navigating Michigan’s diverse terrain can be difficult at times, the last thing you not want is to find [...]
  • Merino Wool Socks by Business Insider
    It is no secret amongst hunters that Michigan winters can be formidable adversaries. Depending on your location, you may be experiencing freezing temperatures that have a way of cooling off your mojo. You see, a cold hunter is a distracted hunter and a distracted hunter misses good opportunities. Since nobody wants to miss the game upon which they set their sights, it is important to stay as warm as possible, and a good place to start is with your feet. A lot of people make rookie mistakes when [...]
  • Novembeard by DNR
    November is a full month for hunters in Michigan. In addition to the upcoming start of firearm season, there are plenty of other events of which they can partake. An example of this is the Novembeard campaign which is rolling out to focus on the health of hunters by offering free health screenings. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Jay’s Sporting Goods, and Otsego Memorial Hospital to call attention to men’s health this November. Seeing [...]
  • Deer Sniffing by Beside the Stream
    Any time you’re getting ready for an important date, you take certain steps to prepare yourself. One of those steps is to make sure you smell just right. You don’t want to offend the nose of your companion, so you get yourself in order in advance. Well, preparing for a deer hunt should include the same conceptual process. Part of ensuring a successful deer hunt is to make sure you have your scent under control. Whitetail deer, for example, have a sense of smell that is a good 20 times more [...]
  • Smallmouth Bass by MDNR
    A popular pastime in Michigan is fishing for bass. This is something that can be done year around as a catch and release activity, but the actual bass season where the option exists to keep your catch runs later in the year. More specifically, catch and keep runs from the third Saturday in June through the end of the year for Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River and the Detroit River. All other waters have a catch and keep season that runs from the Saturday prior to Memorial Day on through the [...]
  • Gun Locks by Project ChildSafe
    As many of Michigan’s hunting seasons are open and underway, an abundance of firearms are being utilized all throughout the state. In addition to being used in the field during actual hunting activities, those firearms are also being transported in vehicles and carried about by hand. As these guns are shuffled about, it is very possible that accidents can happen if a dedication to proper handling is not always practiced. All it takes is a moment of negligence for an accident to happen or a [...]
  • Bow Hunting by Alabama Public Radio
    The beginning of October was an exciting time for bow hunters. Starting October 1st, Michigan bow hunters were able to begin their first pursuit of the hunting season. In the heat of the moment, it is easy to get caught up in overwhelming anticipation of a long awaited bow hunt, but there are still some precautions that should not be overlooked. In order to have a safe and fruitful bow season, here are some steps to your experience a safer, richer one. Before setting out on a hunt, take the [...]