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Michigan trout opener 2016

The last Saturday in April is the traditional Michigan trout opener.  This year opening weekend transitions into May.  This should provide some great opportunities for [...]
  • Free Fishing Weekend, Bluegill by YouTube PeelinDrag
    Coming soon to a body of water near you is the first Free Fishing Weekend to be held in Michigan during the year 2016. Fishing is a sport that is enjoyed by many throughout Michigan and the rest of the United States. In Michigan in particular, access can be had to 3,000+ miles of Great Lakes shoreline as well as more than 11,000 inland lakes along with and rivers and streams to the tune of tens of thousands of miles. With access to so much aquatic real estate, it makes good sense to go fishing, [...]
  • Wild Turkey by In The Wild With Wags
    There was a time in Michigan’s history during which the wild turkey was a rarely seen bird. Over the course of time thanks to careful management and conservation, the wild turkey population has since begun to thrive. Currently the United States is home to more than 7 million wild turkeys. This includes all of the Lower Peninsula as well as part of the Upper Peninsula, which is good news if you plan to pursue them in your hunting travels. Since the Michigan turkey population is thriving, it is [...]
  • Cigarette Smoking by Medivizor
    As hunters partaking in the great outdoors, there are several steps we take to perfect the process. Before each hunt, we painstakingly arrange our gear and equipment so nothing is forgotten and no detail is overlooked. Whether it is cleaning our guns, preparing our bows, or making sure our tree stand is in safe and functional order, we do these things in order to give ourselves the best possible chance at a successful hunt. When you factor in everything you do right, it seems like a shame to [...]
  • Barton Nature Area, Site of Deer Cull, by Elatlboy
    In the spring of 2014, displeased rumblings of Ann Arbor residents about the area’s deer population made their way to the City Council. At that time, the City Council wished to implement a plan to handle the basis of those complaints, that being deer that were doing damage to the area landscape as well as possibly spreading disease and causing motor vehicle accidents. Essentially what came to pass in 2015 was a deer management plan that would bring deer populations down to a more tolerable [...]
  • Land Parcel by Land and Farm
    It is the dream of most hunters to own their own slice of hunting and fishing heaven. Perhaps it is that you wish to have your own camp set up just as you envisioned in a location that offers access to great hunting opportunities as well as enabling you to fish as you wish. Whatever the dream in your head may be, it is sometimes hard to attain. It could be that your ideal property is not offered for sale or even that the price tag attached to that land is beyond your means. Whichever the case, [...]
  • Snowmobile by MDNR
    Many Michigan residents enjoy hopping on a snowmobile in the winter months, be it recreationally or as part of their hunting and fishing endeavors. If you are one of those people, it may be necessary to evaluate your machine before continued use. The reason for this is that the noise created by snowmobiles can at times be a problem, and just so happens to be something that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will be on top of monitoring this winter. As a Michigan resident or even a [...]