• Turkey by Gazette Mail
    Fall turkey season in Michigan is fast approaching. Soon we will be setting out in hopes of bringing home a gobbler to enjoy at Thanksgiving or even sooner. In order to give yourself the best chance of scoring such a bird, you want to hone your skills ahead of time. With fall turkey season opening on September 15th, there is no time like right now to knock the dust off your turkey repertoire. Since the sounds turkeys make can give you a lot of information, be sure to listen carefully. For [...]
  • Blaze Orange and Camo by GNB
    Hunting season in Michigan is right around the corner. Depending on the game you seek, you could find yourself in the field pursuing it in about two weeks’ time or even sooner. During those two weeks, there are many last minute preparations to make, one of which is purchasing and/or preparing your camo. Though there are many things to focus on as the excitement of the upcoming season washes over us, having high quality, effective camouflage is no exception. Although you can easily walk into [...]
  • Frozen Meat by Body Rock TV
    It won’t be long now until various hunting seasons begin to open in Michigan. As hunters set out in search of different game species, they will soon find themselves with meat on the table. While many of your harvests will be enjoyed in short order, there is going to be a lot of meat in need of preservation as well. In order to be able to feast on the fruits of your labor throughout the year, storing meat safely is vital as is preparation when the time comes to eat. Although there are several [...]
  • Wildfire by Science News
    There are few things scarier than a wildfire. Though frequently seen in the news, wildfires are no less alarming each time a new one begins. As they burn uncontrolled, threatening wildlife, farmland, and even homes, many of us are forced to watch helplessly hoping it will soon burn out. The truth of the matter, however, is that wildfires can spread quickly, consuming an average of 1.2 million acres per year in the United States. When you combine human error or carelessness with dead matter that [...]
  • 9 and 10 News Black Bear in the Wild
    The only bear species of bear found in Michigan is the black bear and if you’re interested in learning about hunting one, good news is coming your way. Coming soon to the cities of Escanaba and Cadillac are bear hunting clinics that will be put on by the Department of Natural Resources. It is through invaluable clinics such as these that those who intend to hunt black bear will learn the ins and outs of doing so, making attendance a worthwhile event for those who wish to set out in pursuit of [...]
  • Despite the blurred picture it is easy to see that Shadow has some good tine length and good beam length as well.
    The Michigan departments of Natural Resources (DNR) and Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) have confirmed a second free-ranging deer in Meridian Township (Ingham County) has tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD), a fatal neurological disease that affects white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk and moose. This second case is a 2-year-old male found less than a mile from the initial positive female deer, confirmed this past May. Genetic testing is being conducted to see if the two [...]