The Big 8 (formerly Big 6) Has Been 86'd!!

This will be long winded, but big deer, big story...

Yesterday, I decided to go hunting around 4:30, it was late, but I figured I’d sit a stand that was…

The Big 8 (formerly Big 6) Has Been 86'd…
Clare County Monster.. any Info?

Did anyone else hear about this? I got it in a text

Clare County Monster.. any Info?
SLP Giant Non-Typical

A guy I went to school with connected on this bruiser over the weekend. Don't know the details other than he'd been watching him since summer. If I get a…

SLP Giant Non-Typical
10 pt down !!

Got a doe this morning early and stayed on stand. 20 mins later this guy shows up. 8 yd shot quartering away. God bless my scentblocker Alpha suit!

10 pt down !!

A Message To Every Outdoorsman

September 8, 2014

“I guess my point is, if you do not make the time, the time will never come. So the car didn’t get washed, or the leaves are still on the yard. For me I have lost way toooo many years trying to find the time instead of making the time. I am sure there were [...]

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Knowing this 8pt was in the area made it much easier to pass on those borderline bucks that really needed that extra year.

Whitetail Weekly, The Pros and Cons of Trail Cameras

September 3, 2014

If you go to any hunting forum online, watch a hunting show on TV, thumb through a hunting catalog or visit an outdoors store you are sure to see something having to do with trail cameras.  Trail cameras have become wildly popular over the last several years and the number of people using them shows [...]

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QDM Growth and The Next Generation

September 1, 2014

If anyone ever needed the encouragement to shoot young bucks, it has never been me or my group of friends. Four or six years ago my buddies and I were so pumped to shoot any buck we saw. If you would have tried to convince us to let a 1.5 year old 6 point walk, [...]

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Make Bucks Move With Small Food Plots

August 24, 2014

It’s mid August now and the cold front that just passed through sent morning temperatures into the high 40′s. Cooler temps accompanied by a northwest breeze have me dreaming about October and forgetting that the opener of bow season is still six weeks away. You can’t do much but love how the feelings of autumn [...]

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Habitat Improvement on a budget

July 26, 2014

Want to create a nice watering hole that will last? Shop Craig’s list and look for people either getting rid of or selling their old plastic ponds. I found this one for sale for $30. I could have bought an even larger one for $50. I have also seen them in the garbage. Get your [...]

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