Hooked on the D

A few pic's from yesterdays fishing trip on the Detroit River, am was very nice and then the wind kicked up and 3-4 footers made it tough fishing. Here is…

Hooked on the D
Spring Is Here

A photo by me entitled "Spring Is Here" that I took two days ago, I thought you guys might like to see it.

This one is entitled "Spring Touches The…

Spring Is Here
Stay cool guys!!

Last time we had a winter this good (19 years ago) the following season was almost as good... Fingers crossed, I hope it is colder, but with less snow!


Stay cool guys!!
How to fish TINY streams

Like everybody, I'm eager for spring to arrive. I've been exploring areas near me, mapping streams out in Google Earth, and generally being cranky that it's not nice out yet.…

How to fish TINY streams
During the actual encounter I did a good job of not focusing on the rack and didn't get too nervous.  Later, when I walked up on the buck I couldn't belive what I'd done.  My first bow buck was definitely worth the wait.

Whitetail Weekly, The Millenium Buck

April 16, 2014

The 2000 bow season opened as it usually did for me, with our annual trip to Michigan’s upper peninsula. Our bow camp consists of nearly 20 people and is always a good time regardless of how the hunting goes. The weather always seems to cooperate and the hunting is usually pretty good. The 2000 trip [...]

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We watched these two bucks all summer long and I was able to set up on the 10pt on the first day of the 2011 season.

Whitetail Weekly, Trail Cameras for Early Season Success

February 14, 2014

If you asked most hunters when they felt as though they had the best chance of harvesting a buck many would choose the pre-rut and rut phases of the season, and with good reason.  We all know that at any moment a hot doe can pass through, stir up the woods and bring the bucks [...]

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Product Review- Arctic Armor Ice Fishing Suit

January 14, 2014

Well the recent visit of the arctic vortex gave me the chance to put the IDI Arctic Armor ice fishing suit to the test.  The arctic armor suits run a little large and the medium gives me plenty of room to layer depending on the conditions.   Make sure you contact them for a sizing chart [...]

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Despite the "urban" setting, the scenery left little to be desired.

Whitetail Weekly, The Redemption Doe

January 3, 2014

When the phone rang and my father in-law asked if I could be at his house around 6:30am the following morning I said yes figuring he may need help with a project of some sort.  I was surprised to hear him explain that he had gotten access hunt a spot near home and was wondering [...]

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Late season bow hunting can be tough but the rewards are worth the struggle.

Whitetail Weekly, December Bow Hunting

December 9, 2013

As we turn the calendar to December it is hard for me to believe that we’ve already put 2/3rd’s of the Michigan deer season in the books.  In my mind I can still remember my first hunt of the season with vivid detail as if it was yesterday but, in reality, it was actually 60+ [...]

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The big woods of Michigan's Upper Peninsula offer a totally different challenge and provide a great since of reward when you're sucessful.

Whitetail Weekly, The Comfort Zone

November 19, 2013

When you get dressed in the morning there is a definite sense of comfort that you feel when you put on that old t-shirt that you’ve had for years.  You know how it’s going to fit, you know how it’s going to look and you know it’s going to be comfortable.  On the other hand [...]

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While it was a long journey marked by determination, committment, hard work, sweat and even a bit of blood the end result made it all very worthwhile.

Whitetail Weekly, The Long Journey

October 23, 2013

As the buck my 3 year old son had nicknamed “Puppa” sprinted twenty yards into the thicket I hoped my shot had been as true as it appeared when I let it go.  Within a second or two I heard the unmistakable sound of a deer hitting the ground and I knew we had finally accomplished [...]

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Finally getting my hands on a good buck made the hard work well worth the effort.

Whitetail Weekly, “The Puppa Buck”

October 21, 2013

All the waiting was over and a moment 9 months in the making had finally arrived.  As sunlight began to illuminate the woods around me the opening day of Michigan’s 2013 season slowly came to life.  Right at first light I spotted a small buck on the northern edge of the food plot I was [...]

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Do You Have Any Local Mature Bucks to Bowhunt?

October 10, 2013

There is so much discussion concerning exactly when to be in the woods…WHEN is the pre-rut, rut, etc. For me personally, I only hunt cold fronts; meaning that I completely disregard the moon as well as avoid any certain calendar day of the month…for example, “I always have to be in the woods on 11/5, [...]

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Black Forest Decor

Product Review- CamoTrading Camouflage Bedding

October 7, 2013

Want some nice accessories for your cabin or chalet?   Check out CamoTrading Bedding.   We recently had the chance to check out their Woodland Deer Bed Set from their camouflage bedding collection.   This comforter and accessories is very plush and the patterns are very precise and detailed.   Forgot to stoke your woodstove before you went [...]

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